multicultural festival

Join us for a celebration of student diversity and take a tour around the world! Featuring family-hosted tables with cultural artifacts, regional cuisine and/or crafts, live performances, and student-made presentations, the Smith Multicultural Festival is an event to remember!


Volunteers are needed to host tables and organize the event - to host a Country/Table, or to perform! This trip does not require a large budget, will not cause jet lag and you can pack very lightly…a perfect way to travel!

Check our Volunteer Page to sign up today!

Book fair

Our Spring Book Fair is coming the week of April 22nd.


We need YOU to help make this book fair possible for our wonderful kids. It's a great way to get to know other Smith families and always lots of fun!

Family Night: Wednesday the 24th, 4-7pm


Sign up to Volunteer 

Smith family carnival

trunk or treat

holiday train of lights 

Enjoy a magical night celebrating the holiday spirit on the Niles Canyon Railway.

family fun nights

 Our (mostly) kid-friendly nights out are a great way to get to know your fellow Smith families!  These activities may include dances, Parent's Night Out, and movie nights.

kindness week

Spread kindness all week long with Smith students and staff. 


This year TAW will be the week of May 6th. This is a wonderful week where we have different activities and gifts of appreciation each day to show our teachers how appreciated they are!


field day

A Smith school tradition, the last day of school will be reserved for Field Day! Field Day is a super fun-filled day of music, friends, and friendly competition out on the field and black top. The day is fun for students, teachers and parents alike and we need all the help we can get to make the day a success.


5th grade celebration

Smith loves to celebrate our amazing 5th graders. This weeklong celebration is meant for the students to acknowledge all of their hard work and enjoy one last hurrah at the place where they have spent so many years - it's kind of a big deal! 

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